Monday, 22 January 2018

A Gloss I Don't Hate

 Good morning loves!

Anastasia is one of my favorite brands. They make nothing but fabulous products, albeit the Subculture drama....Read my full thoughts here.

I hate glosses. I don't like the sticky texture as I'm constantly pulling my hair off my lips it seems and overall I just prefer a more matte look. If I wanted something creamier I would choose a cream lipstick over a gloss any day of the week. 
When I was a makeup newbie I picked this up thinking it was one of the ABH Liquid lips little to my knowledge it was a gloss. Of course, I didn't discover that until getting home and pulling it out of the bag.

I was in Edmonton at the time and was headed to the Beyonce concert with no lip color to speak of so instead of returning this, I gave it a shot because I wasn't about to go to a concert with a full face and no lip color.

Well, ABH did it, they created a gloss I don't hate. In fact...I might be tempted to try more in the range. The shade I picked up is "Undressed"
The formula is thick, I don't think I've ever tried a gloss with such a thick formula. It's extremely pigmented to boot. These two factors alone in my opinion make it more of a creamy lipstick. I've never seen a gloss with such deep pigment. The only difference between this and her liquid lips is the shiny finish and that's about it.
I just prefer to have color on my lips, I don't see the point of a gloss other than to add the shine.

Do you prefer gloss or lipstick?


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