Wednesday, 9 November 2016


Hey everyone.
I know you're all probably filled with sadness and disappointment regarding the outcome of the American presidential election and that a misogynistic & racist man is now the leader of the country. Although I may be Canadian I feel this will affect everyone and I'm shocked at the results. I feel as if I'm living in a dream and all of this is just a joke I will soon wake up from, though that isn't true.

Election aside, I wanted to post a quick OOTD to try and take my mind away from current events. The blazer and dress were thrifted from my friends closet as she never wore them and I couldn't stand to see them collect dust. 
Now these shoes, I L O V E these shoes but I have a very difficult time trying to style them therefore I never wear them. I bought these two years ago and they rarely see the light of day. It's quite sad actually because these were such a bargain! I purchased them for $25, down from $160 and if you guys know me I'm not exactly careful with my money (I should be, but I'm not) 

If you guys have tips or suggestions on how you would style them, let me know in the comments because these babies would love to be shown off.

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