Friday, 18 November 2016

Pamper Yourself with Montagne Jeunesse

Hey everyone.

Let me first apologise for the horrendous photo quality. No matter what angle I tried to take the photo from the light just reflected off the packaging and with it being winter there was no natural light to be seen at the time. 
Aside from that I was having quite a stressful week for reasons I'd rather not discuss and like any woman I thought a good pamper session was in order.

I picked up the "Nut Oil" Montagne Jeunesse mask. 
Montagne Jeunesse is a very affordable and easily accessible brand from the drugstore, not to mention they're cruelty free!

I've used many of the other masks from the brand and have always had a good experience. For a couple of dollars I don't think you'll find anything better. The only downfall with these is their packaging, I found it difficult to scoop out the mask easily which led to my ever so messy application as you can see below.

{Don't mind my face.}

 I left this on for twenty minutes as the package advised. Being a clay mask it didn't allow for much movement.
The mask is meant to deep cleanse and hydrate the face. 
After rinsing it off my skin felt wonderfully clean but most certainly not hydrated, if anything it made my face feel more dried out than usual.
For how clean my skin felt afterwards the dryness wasn't a big issue. I slathered on some night cream and was good to go!
 Did I mention this stuff smells good enough to eat? 
Upon opening the package that was the first thing I noticed and while waiting to rinse it off  it made me hungry as it was all I could smell for twenty minutes. 

Montagne Jeunesse is a cheap cruelty free option if you're looking for a night of kick backs and relaxation.

What is your favorite mask?


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