Friday, 4 November 2016

Coastal Scents - Lip Gloss

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Hope you are all having a lovely week, my morning hasn't been off to a great start but it's supposed to be a gorgeous day today which I'm looking forward to. 

I've had these Coastal Scents Smack Lip Glosses stashed away for a while now just waiting to be reviewed. I own two of the eleven shades. One is the shade "Challenge Me" and the other is in the shade "O'Scarlet" {O'Scarlet is discontinued}

Challenge Me is a coral pink with lots of gold reflex in it. This is definitely the more pigmented of the two. If you've read any of my other lip posts you will know that I'm not a gloss girl, I have maybe four glosses in my 65+ collection of lip products. I love a bold lip, think reds, purples and bright pinks so if I go for a gloss it's generally going to be an opaque gloss with lots of color payoff.
Challenge Me delivers on all fronts. I appreciate that the gold shimmer throughout this gloss doesn't come across when applied. You can see very little shimmer in the swatch, the same goes for when its applied. It applies nicely and evenly with fairly good coverage in one swipe. These do transfer and you need to reapply fairly often but I haven't found many glosses where you aren't constantly reapplying. The color is not my favorite though, I wasn't a fan of how it looked against my skin but the formulation is very well done!

O'Scarlet is discontinued it seems as I couldn't find it listed on the Coastal Scents website.
Much more sheer than Challenge Me, it works well as a lipstick topper if you were to wear a matte red but wanted a coat of gloss to finish it off.
It's a pink red with different colored flecks of glitter including gold, blue and purple.
It doesn't apply evenly what so ever, in the swatch you can see where it goops up along the edges. I found that even after wiping the excess off from the doe foot applicator it would still goop up along the outer line of the lips. A lip brush may work better to apply this so you could achieve a more even application. I'm wearing this today and on it's own I don't really like how it looks, it looks like I just applied a clear gloss and then threw some glitter on it. Needless to say it's not a flattering look. The texture of O'Scarlet is a lot tackier and stickier than Challenge Me which isn't the best feeling on your lips. 

I would think about repurchasing some of the more pigmented shades but I would stay away from the more glitter bomb looking ones.

Have you guys tried the Smacks lip glosses? What did you think?


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