Thursday, 6 October 2016

F A L L N A I L S - with E S S I E

Hey loves!

Please excuse the not so neatly done nails. Originally I wanted to do Halloween themed nails which I did attempt multiple times to be honest....although I could not get them to work out so they were painted then taken off, then repainted so on and so forth. I first had them painted all black then tried to add spiderwebs using a white polish but that failed, then I tried again with the same black base but adding the words boo! and unfortunately those didn't work out either. I clearly need much more practice in the land of nail art... 

I did want to follow in the deep color trend of fall though so I used Essie - After School Boy Blazer which Essie describes on their site as a blue-black. On my nails however this comes off much more of a dark purple then navy, still a beautiful color but not close to what it's described as.
Essie's polishes are quite pricey retailing at $11.99 a bottle in Canada. You'd expect at that price to be getting a polish that would last you more than a day. Within one day there was quite a bit of chipping around the tops and edges of my nails. I hear people rave about Essie all the time and I have to tell you, please don't believe the hype. For $11.99 there are SO MANY better polish brands out there.
Essie does have a phenomenal shade range but that is about it. 

Do you guys love Essie?

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