Monday, 24 October 2016

Coconut Oil - Multi Purpose Beauty

Everybody by now knows the benefits to using Coconut Oil in beauty & skincare.
To be honest, I didn't purchase this until this year! I know, I know have I been living under a rock?

No, I just never fully understood the amazing things it could accomplish until my fiance's sister started using it in her hair and my god her hair has never looked better! Naturally after seeing the affects for myself I ran to my nearest grocery store to pick some up.

I haven't been using it long but I don't think I'll ever stop using it now. I wanted to tell you guys my favorite ways to use it and other ways that I've yet to try but will be trying in the near future.

How I use it:
As an oil treatment in my hair. I put some in a shot glass which I then put in a cup of hot water so the oil melts, making it easier to use. Once it's melted I apply it from my roots to my ends combing it through for full saturation. It's best to leave it in overnight but I just throw my hair into a fun bun once it's fully applied and leave it up for a few hours and then shower rinsing it out. I have noticed my hair is much softer and not only that but I unfortunately have dandruff and this has been helping! Double the benefits! Coconut oil also stimulates hair growth but I haven't been using it quite long enough to notice a difference in that area.

Eye makeup remover
There are a myriad of makeup removers on the market. To even test all of them could take an eternity! Did you know coconut oil makes a fantastic eye makeup remover? I know there's a lot of people who don't like their face to feel oily but  for someone with dry skin such as myself not does this only do a fabulous job of breaking down the makeup it hydrates the under eye area. Once again there is double the benefits!

The fatty acids in coconut oil help to reinforce your skins natural lipid layer which locks the moisture in the skin and the antioxidants help to smooth out wrinkles. I may only be 23 but I've been using this around my delicate eye area to hopefully prevent signs of early aging. I can already see fine lines just underneath my eye, oh no!

To try:

Oral Health
I would have never thought you could use coconut oil in your mouth, I've read that because of it's anti-fungal and antibacterial properties gargling with it can promote better oral health as it kills any germs/plaque leading to healthier gums and fresher breath. 

I might try this sooner than later. I feel like it could make the skin look a little too oily. For me, I have dry skin so it could turn out amazing. You never know until you try right?


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