Monday, 17 October 2016

Skincare --- fresh

A few months back it was my birthday and naturally being a makeup lover the first place I headed was Sephora for the birthday gift. This year you had a choice between a Marc Jacobs set including I think it was an eyeliner and a lipstick, could have been a mascara or lipstick I can't quite remember. Or the fresh set which included a deluxe sample of the Fresh Soy Face Cleanser & a sample of the Fresh Rose Face Mask

My monthly skincare budget will definitely be increasing after trying this cleanser. I've used many face products, mostly drugstore as I can't afford to splash out on everything. Nothing until now has removed my makeup like this does! It removes makeup like a dream and keeps my skin moisturised even though EVERY other cleanser I've tried has sucked any moisture out. If it weren't for the temper mental temperatures in Alberta I'd say this is moisturizing enough to not have to use moisturizer after the fact. 
I've been using this daily for the past week to cleanse and after the first use I couldn't believe how much makeup was removed in one swipe and I wear pretty heavy eye makeup day to day. Not many cleansers have been able to get off makeup so well or smoothly. Stubborn eye makeup say good-bye. Most of the other products I've used I've had to go in with a face wipe as well to get everything off and had to scrub my eyes which we all know isn't good for you.
Using daily I haven't seen any redness or break outs and it was very mild feeling on the skin, didn't even make my eyes irritated or red like many others do. I would recommend it to any sensitive skinned folks.

Now...the not so fantastic product, the Fresh Rose Face Mask, pictured below.

I've almost used it up but I found that all this did for my skin was make it feel nice and cool as it soaked in. Other than that this did nothing for me and the fact the rose scent smelled a bit like vomit to me was a major turn off.
This mask is rated quite highly on the Sephora website and I don't see why. This claims to help dryness, redness & pores. For me it didn't fix or even help any of those problems.
The mask is infused with real rose petals which is a nice touch, I'll give them that.

What products from fresh should I try next? What are your favorites?


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