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Perfume samples are one of my favorite things

They last for quite a long time if they're  a strong scent which the above are and I have a hard time paying a large amount of money unless I fall head over heels for a scent sso it's nice to try before you buy.

I've had these for a while the only reason they haven't been completely used up yet is because I have a lot of body sprays that I use on a daily rotation so I put these to the side and kind of forgot about them for a while.

I received all of these with different Sephora orders, the scents are;

Marc Jacobs Mod Noir and Decadence 
Viktor&Rolf Spicebomb

Mod Noir {The airy floral fragrance opens with a field of lush, dewy greens, which give way to freshly cut gardenias floating atop sparkling water. Creamy musks leave a sensual dry down on the skin.- Sephora Description} - The notes are Greens, Gardenia, Creamy Musks.

Mod Noir is nice but I wouldn't purchase it for myself as I didn't love it. It smelled more musky to me than anything and the hint of florals was very very subtle. For $110 CAD I wouldn't get enough wear out of this to justify purchasing it.

Spicebomb {An explosive encounter between two accords with detonating tones: the first, explosive, fuses zesty, fresh notes while the cold spices leave their icy bite. The second, addictive, combines a middle note of incandescent spices with a wholly masculine combination of leather and tobacco as well as the brute force of vetiver. - Sephora} - The notes;
Bergamot, Grapefruit, Cinnamon Leaf, Pink Pepper, Lavandin, Chilli, Saffron, Elemi, Vetiver, Balsam Fir, Tobacco Accord, White Leather Accord.}

I'm not going to lie and pretend like I knew this was a men's scent because I didn't...and I have worn it on myself and I actually really love the smell. Knowing that it's a men's scent won't change the fact that I'll continue to wear it! Wear whatever you like, everything can be unisex if you want it to be. The bottle is really interesting too as it's designed to look like a grenade! There is a lot of different notes with a lot of variety which gives this that explosive smell.

Decadence { A sensual, luxurious, and woody fragrance, Decadence embodies the spirit of irreverent glamour. The fragrance opens with sultry top notes of Italian plum, iris flower, and saffron. The heart combines luxurious notes of Bulgarian rose, jasmine sambac, and orris. The indulgent dry down reveals the base notes of vetiver, papyrus woods, and liquid amber. - Sephora} - The notes; Italian Plum, Iris Flower, Saffron, Bulgarian Rose, Jasmine Sambac, Orris, Vetiver, Papyrus Woods, Liquid Amber.

Say hello to glamour in a bottle. This is by far one of the most gorgeous perfumes my olfactory senses have come across and the bottle would look beautiful on the vanity as it's a designed to look like a Marc Jacobs bag, it even includes a strap to carry it around. My fiance described this as musky and he is not wrong it's got a heavy muskiness to but not to the point where it completely over powers the other notes so it still smells feminine. I'd describe the scent as one that is sexy and sultry. A little spritz on each wrist is more than enough as it can be easy to over do it with this one. This will one day be part of my collection as everything about it is to die for.

What are your favorite scents? 
 - please comment if you read, I really would love to connect with more people! 

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