Sunday, 31 July 2016

Marc Jacobs - Fragrance Master


Although I've never owned an actual Marc Jacobs perfume I know what they all smell like and have received samples upon samples of them. You know when you go into the Bay or any other department store and you walk around spraying all the perfume on those little test strips well you can also ask the beauty advisors for samples and they will give you a tiny little vial of the scent. I'm not ashamed to say that I am that person.

If I could afford the splurge I would own almost every single Marc Jacobs perfume that's been released. 90% of the ones I've tried are all quite floral based. My favorite one as of late is the Marc Jacobs Decadence and look at that bottle! *drools* Designed to look like an iconic Marc Jacobs bag this one smells more musky than the others but it makes it a more sexy scent than the others, one you could wear to a night out on the town with the ladies or your significant other. I fell head over heels with this for the absolutely stunning design and scent and am definitely going to be saving for this one.

Did I mention he has the cutest bottle designs? There is not one that wouldn't look gorgeous sitting on top of your vanity! Honey is one of my favorite looks wise! Marc Jacobs to me has really nailed everything when it comes to fragrance, his scents are beautiful, his bottles are fabulous and seeing as he's a designer of course the price tag is expected to be a little steep but I think if you can afford it go for it. Everyone has to treat themselves once in a while right?

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