Friday, 29 July 2016

Simple Pleasures - Baths

Baths are such a luxury and I often forgot that. 
I recently stopped by Lush as I was craving a bath. Let's face it baths really aren't that fantastic without some bath bombs, bubbles, wine and music. I picked up one of the new products the Lava Lamp bath bomb  
On the Lush website it say's it will be in stores soon but I picked up mine in store! 
 The purple orbs are cocoa butter balls and you can definitely feel the lather of moisture it releases as it fizzles. This is made up of a triple citrus threat including sicilian mandarins, tangerines and orange flower. The smell of this is amazing, citrus is in my top five favorite scents but when this was put in the bath the scent retired quicker than I hoped.
I didn't find that the orbs melted quickly enough to really make the water look like a lava lamp. I wish the orb amount was doubled as I think it would of made a world of difference! 

It was so relaxing to just lay in the bath forget all my worries.

What are your favorite Lush products?

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