Saturday, 27 June 2015

E.L.F. - Neutral Eyes


I wanted to share with all of you a bargain palette from E.L.F., this is their neutral eye palette I believe I paid $12 CAD at Winners for it and there are 36 shadows, bargain? Yeah, I'd say so.

As most people know E.L.F.s products are hit and miss they are a cheap online brand however you can find a few of their products in Target, Winners and dollar stores. I have only run into about 2 or 3 products that really let me down from E.L.F. and for the money you pay you can't expect everything to be top of the line.

Below are swatches of all the shadows and I did them by the groupings in the palette. These were all swatches using Coastal Scents eye primer.

As you can see there were two groups that had hardly any pigmentation but the rest of the shadows were great, the only major problem with these shadows is the fallout they get absolutely everywhere but for twelve dollars what do you expect? I've only ever used a brush to apply them so the fallout may be less when using the fingers. I absolutely adore the purple group of shades, so pretty great for fall! Aside from other more expensive palettes this one does have a mirror personally a palette not having a mirror is not a big negative for me as I tend to use my vanity mirror to apply all my makeup.

I really do like this palette and I get a lot of use out of it so if you're looking for a cheap natural palette give this a go if you can find it it was worth every penny!

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