Wednesday, 17 June 2015

SEPHORA Travel Brush Set {Travel Essentials}


Hey guys it's been awhile, I know... I'm sorry. Today I want to talk about and review a travel essential! 

If you're a beauty junkie I guarantee you all have a ton of beauty brushes. Don't lie we see the different sets from different brands! I myself hate carrying around a suitcase full of beauty items as I pack enough clothes and shoes as it is haha. 
Well no fear because mini brush sets are the perfect thing for travel, mine is from Sephora and comes in a purple brush wrap, yes I know they are not the cleanest at the moment but don't worry I do clean my brushes!

This brush wrap I believe I paid around $25 CAD for it at Sephora which is cheap considering. It comes a blush brush, foundation brush and three eye brushes, pretty much everything you need for a whole face. 

The brushes are not the greatest quality but  the SEPHORA line of products is very hit and miss I find. The blush brush lost its shape after only a few washes but it's never shed actually none of them have since I've bought them which was within the past year. I hate foundation brushes I will be honest I like to use bigger brushes I usually use a kabuki or a stipple brush to apply my foundation so I don't have much to say about the foundation brush in this set.

I actually use the three eye brushes almost every time I do my eyes mostly because for now I don't have many eyebrushes  but the liner brush I LOVE. I love it because it's small and it's not too soft or too hard really easy to use great with cream eyeliners! It has to be my favourite brush from the set. 

If you need a cheap decent set of brushes for travel try the Sephora Brush wraps they come in a variety of colours all really cute!

What are your favourite or most used makeup brushes?

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