Monday, 22 June 2015

*Skinny Teatox -- 14 Day Detox

Hey! I was sent a 14 day "Skinny Teatox" to try courtesy of Brandbacker and Skinny Teatox 
It included a 14 day morning tea which is that silver empty bag above, a seven night detox tea which came in tea bags and was to be drunk every other night during the 14 day teatox and an adorable strawberry tea infuser! 

The benefits of this teatox include;
help with weight loss, burning calories, boosting the metabolism, cleansing and detoxifying the bod, suppressing appetite and increasing energy.
It's also 100% natural, gluten and nut free! 

The daytime tea is meant to fill you with energy, suppress your appetite so your not eating as much and boost your metabolism so you burn more calories throughout the day. I felt a lot less bloated after eating while doing my teatox although I didn't notice significant weight loss. The energy boost for me was the HIGHLIGHT of this tea, I sleep A LOT and ever since I was a child I've always been extremely tired all the time I have never known why and it's continued in my adult life and it's not grew because I spend so much time sleeping, I am not a lazy person I work out every day for at least 30 minutes and I take a 20 minute walk to work but this tea was incredible for my energy. 

The pamphlet that came with the tea explains the benefits explains and that while on the teatox you should be eating healthier foods and overall they are promoting a healthier lifestyle for people which in these days is great! and you shouldn't stop being healthy once you're done try to keep those same habits when you're finished! =)

The nigh time tea which I mentioned was supposed to be drunk every other night is for cleaning and detoxifying your body. The ingredient that makes this happen (gives you a laxative effect) is the Sienna Leaf. Honestly I didn't get an extreme effect from this it was very mild and I drank my tea before bed so it would tend to happen when I woke up which was grew because it actually made me feel a lot better in the mornings than normal. 

My only gripe was the tea infuser yes it was cute and maybe with a loose leaf tea with bigger leafs and particles it would work better but I found every time I used it a little of the tea seeped right out of those holes and I just don't appreciate drinking the straight ingredients. Luckily I do have a steeper ball from another store so I used that after the first couple of times. 

The taste of both teas you can tell that the ingredients are 100% natural they're not the best taste but there is clearly no sweeteners or sugars used in these teas which is good for what they are trying to promote.

I have looked at the other products and am thinking maybe next I will try the 28 day skinny mint teatox!

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