Thursday, 11 June 2015

Sally Hansen - Black Out {hard as xtreme wear}


The other day I began to do my nails and then realized there was not enough in the bottle for both hands! So off I went to the drugstore and in small town Alberta it seems black is a hard to find color, haha.

The only non sparkly black I could find was Sally Hansens hard as xtreme nail wear in "black out."

First thing I love about it it's only $3.49 CAD and it's decent quality, I've bought more expensive polishes that have chipped immediately after applying.

It's been three days and there is only minimal chipping at the tips. I did have to use two coats though which is a little frustrating when I buy black polish of like the pigmentation to be much better. The formula is nice, smooth and easy to use. 

A great cheap polish for people on a budget.

Have you tried any of the Sally Hansen {hard as xtreme} nail polishes? 

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