Friday, 3 April 2015

2015 Spring Fashion Week Trends

Statement lips, bold and not so bold eyeliner, pops of colour, smokey eyes (a smokey eye will never go out of style) and even the bare minimum is what took over this years runways for Spring's 2015 Fashion Week!


There wasn't a definite trend with eyeliner as it went from none - simple - dramatic, from pictures it looked as if almost every designer had their own idea of what should be done with the eyeliner, the colour trend popped out in a lot of different shows.

(Saint Laurent)

Bold Lips

I'm not sure if I've made it clear on this blog but I am a lipstick slave, I will rarely leave the house to go do something without something on my lips, I own a ridiculous amount probably more than I will ever use but hey, you can never have enough different lip colours right? So I absolutely LOVED seeing the bright and bold or the dramatic and dark lips.

(Zac Posen)

(Number 21)


(Dolce & Gabanna - Kendall Jenner, one of my style icons, I adore her)


I loved seeing the different ways colour was being used on the eyes, the creativity behind these shows and the make up artists is truly amazing and I only dream to get a glimpse one day. There was a lot of blue used I noticed while looking through photos and purples, I am not a fan of purple because I have yet to master the look it not looking bruised...


(Max Mara)


The au naturel look, bare minimum. I think this will always be a trend during spring and summer just as the smokey eye will always be a trend.

(Tory Burch)

My favourite was definitely the pops of colour, it gave me a lot of inspiration. Let me know which one you guys love in the comments!

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