Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Topshop - Ceramic lip liner

Hello everyone! I'm here today with a review, TOPSHOP lip liner in "Ceramic"

It is a nude, I am not a huge nude lip girl I love bright, statement lips. Red will always own my heart in lipstick shades The color when swatched on my hand is a lot darker but that's only due to lighting it is very natural looking. I am wearing it as a solo color as I don't have any nudes that would match this. 

The pigmentation is great but TOPSHOP lip products have been known to be compared to MAC who is known for their fantastic color range and pigmentation. It does last long even through drinking and eating. 

Dried out my lips horribly...I feel like maybe if I had worn a balm or moisturizing lipstick underneath it would have been much better. Overall I'm still not sure if I love this pencil. 

I like that it's great for subtle looks but I'm more prone to the exciting shades of lipsticks, it's the one thing people always are mentioning about me.

What are your favorite lipsticks?

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