Tuesday, 10 December 2013

MAC Studio Scuplt Foundation

I'm one of those girls who never wore foundation for YEARS and I mean like until I was 18/19, for I believed it would ruin my skin. I'm twenty and recently just purchased a new foundation, the MAC Studio Sculpt to be exact.
No, this is not the first foundation I've ever bought but it is so far the only one I've tried and found to work extremely well. It might almost have too heavy coverage for my skin, after all I have pretty nice skin aside from it being dry I've never had any acne problems or anything with my face. That's the only worry I have with this is that I might end up looking a bit cake face due to the amount of coverage it gives so I have to be very cautious with how much I apply. I have this in NC20 which is a shade darker than my skin. The lady at the counter at the Bay asked if I preferred it to match my skin or be a bit darker. At first we tried the shade which unfortunately I can't remember the name of that matched my skin and MY GOD I looked dead so she then matched me with this. It blends so flawlessly and sinks into my skin almost immediately, if you do have problematic skin this is buildable and for those summery sunny months it has an SPF of 15. This foundation does not go patchy through the day which I find a lot of foundations on my skin do because my skin is so parched. Overall I'm extremely happy with this purchase.
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