Monday, 30 December 2013

Boxing Day Havoc

Hello everyone!
As you are all aware Christmas just passed and Christmas comes with gifts, now I got some money and gift cards so of course I wanted to head out and go shopping immediately. I've never been to the mall on Boxing Day before so I took a chance and braved the crowds of people....well not really I got into the mall went to grab something to eat. The food court was so packed there were folks on the floor with their food trays, I will tell you something I did not expect that at all, needless to say I called my boyfriend as soon as this happened to come get me so I chumped out. I'm not sure if the States is like Canada but here instead of "Boxing Day" sales they have "Boxing Week Sales" some stores do have a really special deal on Boxing Day but most sales are for the week. I had three gift cards, one to Aritzia (my favorite store), La Senza and H&M (another favorite) I didn't pick up a lot but I did grab a few things which I thought I'd share. I'm not going to share what I bought from La Senza because well I don't feel like sharing my panty purchases with the world.
First off....Aritzia
You can't really see but they have a patched panel around the calf area and they have zippers on the back as well, nice tight fitting leggings. Most likely will pair this with boots or a pair of heels. 

I also found a pair of black disco pants which I absolutely fell in love with but unfortunately they only had my size in the gray and not black. I couldn't find the product on the website but I got a gold chain necklace with black feathers all around it, not sure what I'm going to pair with it. I'll be sure to snap a shot of it when I get home. Any ideas?
That's all for now, did anyone else try to brave the crowds of people?

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