Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Favorite Designers-- Alexander Wang

Hello everybody!
It's been a couple of days, I've been busy with work and life and all that jazz. I wanted to talk about one of my top loved designers, Alexander Wang. I love that his designs use more shades instead of bright flashy colors, I'll be honest I do love my colors but I find it hard for myself to style outfits with more colors and a lot easier to style neutrals colored outfits. Although when he does use colors in his designs they're generally darker toned colors, such as the Alexander Wang crew neck below.
The simplicity of his designs amazes me. He makes a simple garment look so stylish and if I had the money you can guarantee about 90% of my wardrobe would include his collections. Below are some of my current favorite Alexander Wang pieces.
  Who inspires your daily fashion choices?
Carolyn Thumb 
Fair Isle Sweatshirt  ThumbPleated Leather Skirt Thumb

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