Friday, 13 April 2018


Hello loves!
I love the Topshop beauty range. Nobody really talks bout their beauty products aside from their basic lipsticks and they have so many gems.

Okay yes, this is another lip product review but it's not just a plain old bullet lipstick that we all know and love. This is the Topshop Gloss Ink in the shade "Cruel."
A stunning deep berry shade. It might technically be spring but in my world dark berry shades are always appropriate. I'd say this is a lipstick/gloss hybrid because when it dries down it's tacky but the glossiness disappears as it wears. Application is a pain with this. You have to use a lip primer otherwise you'll end up with this smudged all around the edges of your lips, not a flattering look. I recommend the Bite Beauty lip primer as it keeps it in place all day long. I don't dare wear this without a primer or you'll look like a little kid who's been sipping on grape Kool-Aid all day.
If you don't wipe the excess off the applicator it'll apply patchy and goop up in areas on the lips.
This is starting to sound like a horribly negative review but  to put it bluntly this isn't an easy to wear every day color. It takes work and precision to get that perfect lip but the color is so absolutely stunning especially on paler skin tones like myself. 

If you don't mind putting forth the effort to make it work it's a lovely color.

What's your favorite Topshop beauty product?


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