Thursday, 19 October 2017

MAC Chili

Hello loves.

Does anyone else own a lipstick they have a serious love/hate relationship with?
 I do and that lipstick for me is MAC's Chili {matte}. It's a stunning deep brick red. I've talked about it briefly in my MAC lipstick collection post. The color is perfect for Fall but the downfall is that being a brick red it has yellow/brown undertones. If like me, you don't possess a pearly white smile it can cause your teeth to look worse than they actually are. Even though it looks great on when I have my mouth closed I must say while wearing it throughout my day I feel extremely self conscious about how it makes my teeth and overall smile appear. Albeit a beautiful color, brick reds aren't for me. No one wants to walk around all day scared to smile at people for fear of their yellow teeth, makeup is supposed to build confidence not tear it down. I wish I had those perfect pearly teeth but unfortunately that's not the case and there are so many blue toned reds that are just as gorgeous but give the appearance of a whiter smile. 

What lipstick do you have a love/hate relationship with?


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