Sunday, 19 June 2016

Revlon 24 HR Colorstay Foundation

Hey everyone.
Finding the perfect foundation when you suffer with extremely dry skin like myself is difficult and I've yet to find that holy grail.

I recently purchased the Revlon Colorstay 24 hr foundation for normal to dry skin. It claims to last 24 hours which is a big claim for any company. This didn't last close to 24 hours on my skin, I'd say it lasted somewhere along the lines of 10-12 hours, half of what it claimed to last. 
I like to apply my foundation by squirting some on to the top of my hand and using a brush from there, I found that the hand I had been putting it on everyday was getting dry and flaky. I haven't noticed that same effect on my face but it does make me wonder what could happen to the skin on my face if I continue using it.
Coverage is medium - full and it is definitely buildable but will look very cakey if you go one step too far so beware.

It blends well with the skin and as you can see creates a sublte glow. Due to the dryness of my skin I try to stay as far away from matte foundations but this was definitely not tailored to dry skin. I'd say this is more on the side of normal skin with little problems. 



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