Wednesday, 15 June 2016

E.L.F. Dual Ended Concealer/Highlighter

I don't know about you guys but I love the idea of multiple products in one as I don't have a vast amount of storage space to accomadate my makeup addiction so products like these draw my eye.

This is the E.L.F. cosmetics highlighter and concealer wand. I have a strong love/hate relationship with this product because the concealer is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, the highlight was honestly disappointing.

First off I know with E.L.F. there is a lot of hit and miss products because they're such an affordable brand but I have purchased a lot of items from E.L.F. and there has only been two products I've been upset with which was this which to me isn't a total miss because I love the concealer end. My other product disappointment was a concealer pencil with a built in sharpener that I went to use and on first use the pencil broke and got stuck in the sharpener making the rest of it unusable so into the garbage that went. On to my thoughts about this...

Concealer: I could rave about this concealer for days, if anyone knows if this is made separately please let me know because I would purchase a million more! This is fantastic for brightening in the under eye area although for total coverage if you have very dark circles it will require some building up. I mostly use this to brighten up certain areas of my face because I think it performs better as a brightening concealer then one for coverage although it is buildable but anything can look cakey if too much products used. I use it under/around my nose, my chin, forehead and under eye area. Goes on flawlessly, blends into the skin like a dream. For $6 CAD you can't go wrong with this, I might even purchase another one when this runs out as I love the concealer that much.

Highlighter: The one good point I have to say about this is for people who like a subtle highlight you may like this. I'm one of those people who want my highlight seen from space, haha. So for me I don't use this at all it could work to brighten up or skin if you mixed it with foundation which I didn't think of doing until just now so I might give it another go using it that way but as far as a stand alone highlight this did nothing for me. As you can see from the swatch it doesn't have shimmer to it so it's a matte liquid highlighter and when it sets there's really nothing there. I don't even think this should be classified as a highlight...

Please, please, please if anyone has a good concealer recommendation from e.l.f let me know because I had nothing but love for the concealer portion of this wand!



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