Tuesday, 14 June 2016

MAC Lipstick Collection

Hey guys!

Who else loves snooping at other people's collections? I know I do so I wanted to share my MAC lipstick collection. I know liquid lipsticks are all the rage right now but I will always have a soft spot in my heart for my MAC lipsticks because the formulas and color range MAC has to offer is amazing and I've already bought so many that I can't neglect them all for the latest, greatest craze!

Patesserie: A MLBB (my lips but better) shade. The swatch looks much darker than the actual product looks on the lips. I wish I would have swatched this in store instead of purchasing it online because I love a bold lip and if I do a nude lip I generally lean towards a matte finish. Patesserie is a Lustre finish which isn't my cup of tea but I will use it up.

Shy Girl: A Creemsheen finish. For me the Creemsheen and Satin finishes MAC offers just look horrible on my lips. They accentuate all the cracks and dry patches to be found even with a balm underneath. It's extremely disappointing because I really love Shy Girl along with other  Creemsheens and satin finishes I own so I wish I could get it to work. It's got a very coral tone to it and I love it for summer!

Peachstock: A satin finish, another one that loves to bring out the dryness in my lips. Love this shade, such a great nude. When I first tried to find this everywhere I looked online said it was a Pro product but MAC has added it to their permanent line which I was ecstatic about because I'd been lusting after this shade for a long time.

Velvet Teddy: A matte that everyone raves about thanks to the ever popular Kylie Jenner. This pulls fairly brown on my lips but I love it like I said above if I go nude its matte 90% of the time. I most likely will repurchase this color when it's finished, although with my ever expanding lip product collection it could take a while...haha.

Myth: Another satin finish. It's a VERY pale nude, the only reason I find I'm able to pull this off is that it pulls pink on my lips so I don't have concealer lips that make me look dead but I do think it's a hard shade to make not look like concealer. I've used Myth to tone down other more vibrant lipsticks so it's great for that as well!

Fusion Pink: An Amplified finish. All the Amplified finishes are extremely bright and vibrant which is why I love them. This shade on me doesn't look like it does swatched on my arm it actually doesn't look great at all on me so I don't wear it often.
Vegas Volt: Another Amplified, I LOVE this shade for summer and spring. It is a bright coral almost leaning pink-orange but perfect for summer. I don't think there's a shade that I own that is more perfect for this time of year. I really haven't got much use out of this as I bought in winter and just haven't had an opportunity to wear it but it's about to be my number one.

Pervette: A glaze. This one is not my favorite and barely gets used. I bought this online and didn't realize that it was a sheer wash of color.

Impassioned: Amplified finish. I like this color but people with any hint of yellow in their teeth, beware. It will make them look ten times more yellow which for me is unfortunate because I don't have the whitest teeth and I do really love this color so that ones a big letdown for me.

Speed Dial: Creemsheen finish. A really pretty pink swatches darker than it is. On the lips its a light wash of pink not a MLBB shade but not extremely in your face either.

Heroine: A matte finish, my favorite! Purple is a interesting color for me I lean towards the dark more vampy shades of purple like this. I recently purchased this and LOVE it. So gorgeous and I think this would look amazing on a variety of skin tones!

Rihanna Viva Glam: This one was LE I believe and the tube packaging on this of course is red with Rihanna's signature on the inside of it. It's a gorgeous blue toned red with a hint of shimmer as it's a frost finish. Glad I got my hands on this one.

Chili: A brown toned matte red, again for my ladies with hints of yellow BEWARE this one is worse than Impassioned for that. I regret buying this, I wish it worked for me as I do like the shade but I cannot make it work it pulls way too brown.

Last but not least.....
Russian Red: This baby is my all time favorite MAC shade that I've owned. Such a  lovely old looking Hollywood Red. Makes any look ten times more glamorous and the matte finish is perfect. I don't know if a better red exists in my book. I am in love with this lipstick.

That's my collection! I made a Youtube video as well if you want to check it out!


Love you guys



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