Saturday, 9 January 2016

Dollar Store Diamonds

Hey everyone!

It's been a while due to the Holidays and such. I hope all of you had excellent holidays and stuffed your face with as much food as possible because I know I did.

I feel like people completely underestimate dollar stores I mean really underestimate. For example Dollarama sells brand name items like Essie and Dove soap and cleaning supplies like Lysol all for much cheaper than you could even find them at Wal Mart yet so many of us just don't want to shop at a dollar store well let me say this if you are one of those people you are missing out big's why....

Last Christmas I got a Mariposa nail polish set {all glitter polishes} and as you may be able to tell from my above rant they are guessed it, Dollarama!

By far the best glitter nail polish I have come across. There were six and I've used three and all have performed equally well. I used the gold polish for this post but previously tried a light pale blue and a more royal blue (love both wore them over a white base coat) I did not use a base or a top coat for this. The above took three coats to complete but is completely opaque. Most glitter based polish does not dry fast or at all even but one coat of this dried in about a minute which made it seem like doing my nails wasn't a chore! I've had this on for four days and not ONE chip. Don't underestimate the dollar store you guys there are some diamond products hidden inside! The only thing I didn't like and it was just a personal preference, was that I don't feel the colour suits me I feel like it washed me out. Can nail polish even do that?  Other than that five stars all around for this gem.

Do you shop at the dollar store and have you ever found any wonderful products?


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