Friday, 15 January 2016

SET ME UP - 24 HR Hold

Are you guys sick of hairspray posts yet?!

I just can't seem to find a holy grail hairspray actually....I've yet to find any "holy grail" hair product. Why is it so hard?

Quick little post today, I know this doesn't follow my Friday faves but since I don't have a favourite product at the moment this is what you get but I hope you still like it!

Herbal Essences is a inexpensive drugstore line of products who have been around for as long as I can remember. I really do like the majority of Herbal Essences products I've tried and the different hairsprays I've tried are by far the best smelling ones I've used.

This one was not a WOW factor for me, another average hairspray out of the hundred's I've probably tried at this point...Smells wonderful like all the other ones but makes your hair crunchy and that's not a great look it also makes it hard to brush through. The crunchiness could be attributed to the MAX hold factor but I don't want my hair to look and like its coated in grease. It does give a great hold though but it doesn't look good which is part of the point of using hairspray. I'l use it up but will continue the search for that perfect hairspray.

I'd like to apologize for my blog lately, I know it's been kind of boring. 
What do you guys want to see let me know because I want you guys to like he content I'm posting. 



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