Thursday, 10 December 2015

GOSH - Repair N' Shine

Hello everyone. 

Today's post as you can guess is a continuance of yesterday's in a way. 

Yesterday I blogged about the "Climate Control" line by Tresemme and how it has COMPLETELY stripped my hair of moisture leaving a dry and horrible mess. I've had this GOSH hair serum sitting around in my cupboard for a while but never really used it much. The past couple weeks my poor hair has been needing TLC so I though instead of going out and buying something why not use what I already have. I got this at Shopper's Drug Mart a while back and unfortunately don't remember how much it was.
The directions say to use 2-3 pumps in your palm, rub together and smooth through your hair. 2 - 3 pumps barely covered my hands so I used and extra pump or two and then it combed it through.
I love that the nozzle is a pump as most hair serums the only thing I don't like about pumps is you can never get the product at the bottom completely out. The serum is clear and it has a weird almost chemical smell to it? It's odd there's not a real way of describing it, it doesn't smell nice let's just say that.

This was just as disappointing as the shampoo/conditioner....
The serum doesn't seem to absorb in your hair or dry it just stays almost like a grease in your hair and makes it look very oily nor has it helped repair any damage. It hasn't done any more damage but it certainly isn't. I have to say this was a BIG product regret for me!

What are your hair product regrets?



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