Monday, 18 January 2016

e.l.f. - Cream Eyeliner

Hello again!

Eyeliner - my can't live without beauty product 

I have tried a wide range of eyeliners of different kinds and colors. I will always come back to black as its such a classic. Today I wanted to talk about my favorite eyeliner find, e.l.f.s cream eyeliner(Black) E.l.f. has many other shades in this liner and I haven't tried it but I am definitely going to pick up the shade Teal Tease it looks gorgeous!
This liner comes with a small brush as well which I tossed in the trash as I ordered a brush set with this as well. {The brush above is from the set - small angled brush} so I cannot comment on the brush as I never actually used it...

 On e.l.f.s website they claim this liner is; "smudge proof, budge proof and water resistant and can combat tears, rain and sweat."

Let's see about that...


The above photos are number of times I wiped this with a makeup remover wipe.

I have cried with this on and can attest that tears do not smudge it however if you do need to get it off it will come off pretty easily with water and a good makeup remover!
 I also use this on my waterline and it just about holds up through an eight hour work day which for $3.00 is incredible. This is the only cream liner I've used however I did have a variety of eyeliners on the go and therefore did not use up my container before it dried out but it still took a few good months before it dried out.

What's your favorite type of eyeliner to use? 



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