Thursday, 27 November 2014


Hello everyone, just a short post and a quick review on the e.l.f polish in "Chic Confetti" 
I wanted to try something new with my nails aside from painting them one solid color so I used H&M's polish in "Chill Out" for my base and E.l.f.s "Chic Confetti" to do the bottom area in glitter which is how my thumbs were supposed to look as well but I made a mistake and ended up fixing it by painting the whole nail in glitter. Oops.

Chic Confetti is the best glitter polish I've used yet I got it in the bright nail polish cube ($14 CAD) by E.l.f. because of E.l.f.s prices I didn't expect much but it dries super quick  and actually creates a pretty even coat compared to some other glitter polishes I've tried.

I haven't tried to remove yet so maybe I'll get lucky and it'll be a breeze to remove!

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