Monday, 19 March 2018

Stargaze Lily - Sally Hansen

Good morning loves.

The winter in Alberta seems to be never ending. To try and combat my sadness I bought this polish while dreaming of sunnier days.

Sally Hansen's polish in Stargaze Lily. This is a gorgeous shimmery lavender shade, probably one of the nicest colors I've ever used. A week ago I wrote about the Sally Hansen polish in Daycream and how the formula was might I say garbage. This one unfortunately wasn't much better. The color is so light that it takes three coats to make it opaque nor does it apply smoothly. Could it be due to the amount of coats needed? I don't know but I do know when dry there was a ton of tiny little bubbles all over the nail instead of a nice even, smooth finish that I was hoping for. I wish I could get past the formula of this because this color screams perfection to me. If anyone knows a dupe for this please, please let me know in the comments because I adore it!

What's your favorite spring color?


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