Friday, 27 May 2016


The stipple brush.

MAC (187) Vs. ELF

I love using stipple brushes to apply foundation however I still don't have the greatest grasp on the stipple technique but I still wanted to compare these brushes as the ELF brush is said to dupe MAC's. 

 From the above photo you can see a clear difference in size, the MAC one is larger although the size of the actual brush head looks about the same. I prefer the look of the MAC brush over the ELF because the silver on the handle gives it a much more polished look but that's about all I like about MACS stipple brush. These were freshly washed and I could not for the life of me get the MAC one back to it's pristine white bristles. While washing my 187 it shed like no other brush I've ever owned! You can see in the photo below that the bristles on my 187 are sticking out everywhere where as the elf stipple brush stayed in great shape after being washed nor did it shed a single hair. When paying over fifty dollars for a brush you expect it not to shed everywhere.

See that little black hair on my face, that's from the side of my face that I used the 187 to apply foundation with. Needless to say I'm not impressed as MAC is known to have amazing brushes. When my six dollar stipple brush performs better than a fifty dollar brush I am left questioning why I wasted my money?

In terms of performance they both performed well although like I previously stated the ELF brush did not shed a single hair while buffing in my foundation where as the MAC shed not only one but many others! It's quite annoying having to pick off tiny little hairs off your face after you apply your makeup. If you want a good stipple brush don't splash out money on the MAC one because the ELF one is much better in terms of quality and price.

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