Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Tresemme Climate Control

 The TRESemm√© Climate Control system, with our unique Climate Control Complex®, gently cleanses and moisturizes hair while controlling frizz. This advanced hair protection system leaves hair shiny, soft and manageable. Take control of your hair with the TRESemm√© Climate Control system and face weather head on.

I love Tresemme as a brand, they are reasonably priced and for the size of the bottles you cannot get a better bargain, I dare you to try. I love to try different shampoos/conditioners! I've yet to find a holy grail however, to be honest I haven't even really found one I love yet. No reason as to why I picked these I just happened upon them on the drugstore and I've never tried the "Climate Control" line before but I know that Tresemme has never let me down.

I find that hair brands tend to have very large claims about their products but rarely live up to them. This time I'm disappointed to say I didn't like this in the slightest.

First, the claims it lives up to; controlling frizz, shiny hair

Claims that didn't make the grade; soft and moisturized

This duo made my hair well not my hair my ENDS so dried out, weak and brittle. Now I've never had the most moisturized hair BUT my ends have never been this dry in my life. At first I thought they might have been dead but I recently went and got a cut and of course they were nice out of the hairdresser but once I got home and the next time I showered using this duo they were once again extremely dry. I am not looking for a shampoo that is going to completely strip my hair of moisture.Yes it holds up to it's climate control claim maybe a little to well though as its to the point where it blocks out humidity and moisture a little too well and strips it right out of your hair.  That was my biggest gripe with this line and unfortunately I will not purchase it again because its only damaging my hair. I hate to say this is the only time I'm disappointed I got such big bottles. 

Have you tried the Climate Control line, thoughts?\



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