Friday, 19 December 2014

Facial Wipes, the lazy way of removing makeup

Hey everyone! 

I am here to talk about facial wipes. I won't lie to you guys I am horribly lazy when it comes to washing my face and removing makeup, which makes me a fan of the ever so handy facial wipes! I bought these for about $8.99 CAD at my local drug mart. 
Inecto is a brand I've never heard of, to be honest I bought these for the coconut. 
These have been much less useful to me than my other wipes. When I first opened the package the cloths were barely moist but they do a fine job of removing makeup but because they are on the drier side they tug on the skin which makes for an unpleasant experience. They have no smell, they are packaged like most makeup removing wipes I've seen. 
I could have got worse for my money...but if you see this in the drug store do yourself a favor and buy something that'll be worth your money.

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