Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Batiste, the ever infamous dry shampoo

Hello everyone! I neglect this blog but I promise I will try to give it some more love in the new year. Happy new years to everyone I hope you all had a great holiday!

I wanted to talk about Batiste as I am a lady with very fine hair (it sucks) you honestly can't do anything with it, it's greasy after one day it takes about a half a can of hairspray for any style to stick it's terrible really....*dreaming about long thick locks as I type* 

As you can see this is no ordinary can of Batiste no! It's the XXL volume formula "Big and Bouncy" I tested that claim and I don't know if it's my fine hair or the shampoo formula but this did N O T H I N G for me, at all. Zilch, zero, nada.

My hair was as flat and lifeless as before. Don't get me wrong I love this stuff it is a life saver for me, it keeps me from having to wash my hair on the daily actually using this I can go about three days without washing my hair and for a fine haired gal that is A LONG TIME. I am sad that it didn't hold up to the volumizing claim but hey you can't win them all....

Is there any ladies out there who actually have used this and had any luck with gaining volume?! Let me know in a comment!

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