Saturday, 18 October 2014

John Frieda - Sleek Finish Hair Straightener

Hey everyone!
Today I have a straightener review, I'm a girl already some pretty pin straight hair to be honest but I like to use this on my bangs as they seem to curve to my face which is extremely frustrating.
I got this for free using Air Miles points but it retails for about $50-60 CAD depending on the store. You can find it just about any big store (Target/ Wal-Mart /Best Buy)
I only have one gripe with this straightener and it's the location of the buttons. As you can see in the above photo the buttons are located right where your hand holds the straightener and they are extremely sensitive. When holding it one minute it might be 155 F the next it will be 195 F. 
Aside from the buttons this straightener works great and it's cheap. 

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