Thursday, 10 March 2016

*Loreal Extraordinary Oil

Oh how I missed you guys! I hope you are all doing well. Sorry for the absence unfortunately life takes the front seat and the blog takes the back.

The Loreal Hair Expertise Extraordinary Hair Range is a line meant for normal to very dry hair. The range is made with 6 oils including; Argan Oil (healing, protecting, nourishment), Sunflower Oil (hydration), Alma Oil (brittleness), Soy Oil (Nutrition), Chamomile Oil and last the magical oil everyone loves Coconut Oil (repair)

I have very fine hair so I was skeptical of using an oil based hair range as my hair tends to get greasy quickly but this quickly changed my mind. The line is designed to nourish dry hair and create weightless hair. I've never tried a shampoo that has really wowed me in my life but this line came pretty damn close. After using this for a few washes I was over at my mom's and she noticed my hair was looking much healthier and I don't get many comments on my hair.

I use the mask once a week as I think it's too heavy to be using daily. I just put some through the ends of my hair let it sit for about five minute then rinse it out when I shower. The range has a surprisingly lovely smell to it. I've been using these products for about a month and have noticed significant changes in my hair. 

First thing and probably my favorite as I feel it was a big reason my hair was so unhealthy is that I don't have to shower as much it seems to keep the grease at bay quite well! The shampoo does not lather well but most oil based shampoos don't so I wasn't surprised. This changed my skeptical outlook as it made my hair more manageable and soft and by nourishing my hair it means I have far less breakage which I am very prone to!

I love this line a lot but....I do like to switch up my hair care routine quite regularly so I might not come back to this for a while.

*Influenster did send me these products to review however all opinions expressed are my own.

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