Monday, 9 March 2015

MAC - Russian Red (Matte)

Hey! I'm back with a quick review of my FAVORITE lipstick.  I'm sure a lot of people will know what it just by the pictures, it's the infamous Russian Red Matte finish lipstick by MAC. I am a sucker for matte lipsticks in my opinion they look better than any other finish on the market,

The above swatch was one swipe, MAC is known for their well pigmented products. Yes it's a matte and that means it's trying, now I have an addiction to Blistex Medex balm so I have no problem in the dry lip department but if you do, be warned before wearing this it would be a good idea to scrub and put a balm underneath. 

Russian Red lasts for hours on me, just about a full 8 hour work day, I generally re apply a couple hours before the end of the day as it will fade within the middle of your lips if you are drinking or eating a lot. I give this lipstick a 10/10 but I'm a lover of reds and mattes!

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